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Why you need lash refills every 2 to 3 weeks

The average person has anywhere from 90 to 150 lashes each eye.

We lose 2-5 lashes in both on average every day.

Sooo!!! lets talk 1 eye

I apply 120 lashes to 1 eye

You shed 14 lashes a week on 1 eye

Glue gives away on about 7 lashes in a week on 1 eye

Glue slowly gives way because of oils, makeup, cleansing & environmental factors.

Interesting Fact: Eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of our body.

On an average you will have shed & lost at least:

2 weeks - 42 lashes (under a 1/2 set)

3 weeks - 63 lashes (a 1/2 set)

4 weeks - 84 lashes (a 3/4 set)

5 weeks - 105 lashes

Wait there's more..... You need also to take into account the hairs that have been in their early growth phase (early anagen), these little suckers sprout! This means I have to remove and replace the extension from these hairs. Why? because they're too long and start to twist and move around.

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