Lash Extension After Care

· In the first 24 hours avoid wetting your lashes, including sauna’s and steam rooms to allow the glue to fully cure.

· Be gentle with your lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, pulling or playing with your lashes.​

· When drying your eyes apply gentle pressure to your eyes, do not rub them. 

You can use a hair dryer if you want to dry them fast but, you’re best to give them a light brush and allow the extensions to dry naturally.

When you wake in the morning and after you cleanse your lashes you will need to brush your lashes into place.

· Do not perm or use an eyelash curler on the extensions. They are synthetic and will melt and bend.

· Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions, Even non-waterproof is not recommended as they can contain oils that will break down the glue.

Be aware of the eyeliner you choose and how you apply it. Eyeliners can contain oils that will breakdown the glue if it comes into contact with the glue. 

· Do not use eye make-up remover that contains any type of oil products, as oil will break down the glue.

· It is very important to keep your eye area clean to avoid an eye infection, whether wearing eyelash extensions or not,

Cleanse daily if you wear makeup, otherwise cleanse every alternate day.

· If you favour sleeping on one side you may notice those lashes may not last as well as the other side. Try sleep on your back to avoid this.

The less you touch your lash extensions,

 the longer they will last.


Before your Top Up


· The day of your treatment make sure you have thoroughly cleansed your lashes, this includes the base of your lashes.


· Even the smallest amount  of makeup or dead skin residue left on the lash or lash base effects the glues retention.

· I will cleanse the lashes of those who need it but remember clean lashes equals more lashes and better retention.

I do sell lash cleanser and lash cleansing brushes that help to get into the lash line.

Henna After Care

In the first 24 hours avoid wetting your brows, including sauna's and steam rooms.

Avoid UV/Sun exposure for long periods of time

Avoid using cleansers and serums that contain exfoliating properties, including AHA's and Retin-A, unless you want to remove the henna from your skin.

Lash Lift After Care

No strict aftercare. Go about as normal

I recommend using a lash conditioner for those that have regular lifts, as your lashes can become a little dry.

I also recommend using a lash growth serum. Using a growth serum will lengthen and thicken your lashes adding to the results of a lift treatment. [About Purely Lashes]

Brow Lamination After Care

In the first 24-48 hours avoid wetting your brows, including sauna's and steam rooms.

In the 1st 72 hours avoid using cleansers and serums that contain exfoliating properties, including AHA's and Retin-A


Brush the hairs into place each day, to enhance the look use a brow gel or wax to help keep them in place.

I recommend using a brow conditioner for those that have regular lamination's, as your brows can become a little dry.

Brow & Facial Waxing After Care

Avoid Swimming, tanning, sauna's and sweating for 12 hours.

If you breakout after waxing

avoid makeup for 12 hrs. 

Apply a cold compress on the area for 10 mins straight after.