• Kerri

Clean Lashes are Happy Lashes

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Why it's so important to clean your lash extensions!!!

We naturally have teeny little bugs living in our lashes & pores called Demodex Mites who love to feed on oils & dead skin cells. Gross Right!?!

A build up of these mites can be one of the causes of Blepharitis

Signs of blepharitis are:

* Itchy

* Gritty

* Flaking or Crusting

* Red eyes &/or eyelids

* Eyes are sticky when you wake up

What this means for your lash extensions

* If you are experiencing a crusty build up on your lashes they will become weak & pop out prematurely, which means you will not have lashes to glue an extension to.

* If there's any crusting present this will cause poor lash extension retention as the glue will stick to this debris & not the hair, so make sure your lashes are squeaky clean before your appointment.

* If you don't keep up with your lash extension aftercare your optometrist/ophthalmologist will recommend you remove your lashes......Now that's a scary thought!!!